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Use of a Smart Watch for Early Detection of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation: Validation Study

JMIR Cardio 2020;4(1):e14857

8165 194 32
Food Addiction Support: Website Content Analysis

JMIR Cardio 2018;2(1):e10

5072 40 22
Clinic Time Required for Remote and In-Person Management of Patients With Cardiac Devices: Time and Motion Workflow Evaluation

JMIR Cardio 2021;5(2):e27720

2092 34 19
Assessing the Use of Wrist-Worn Devices in Patients With Heart Failure: Feasibility Study

JMIR Cardio 2017;1(2):e8

3086 33 12
The Impact of Health Literacy–Sensitive Design and Heart Age in a Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Decision Aid: Randomized Controlled Trial and End-User Testing

JMIR Cardio 2022;6(1):e34142

1006 29 10
Developing and Implementing an mHealth Heart Failure Self-care Program to Reduce Readmissions: Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIR Cardio 2022;6(1):e33286

2154 29 5
The Use of Mobile Apps for Heart Failure Self-management: Systematic Review of Experimental and Qualitative Studies

JMIR Cardio 2022;6(1):e33839

1845 28 18
Cardio4Health Study, a Cardiac Telerehabilitation Pilot Program Aimed at Patients After an Ischemic Event: Cross-sectional Study

JMIR Cardio 2023;7(1):e44179

276 27 3
Real-World Experience of mHealth Implementation in Clinical Practice (the Box): Design and Usability Study

JMIR Cardio 2021;5(2):e26072

788 27 3
Frameworks for Implementation, Uptake, and Use of Cardiometabolic Disease–Related Digital Health Interventions in Ethnic Minority Populations: Scoping Review

JMIR Cardio 2022;6(2):e37360

1064 24 6
The Effects of a Digital Mental Health Intervention in Adults With Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: Analysis of Real-World User Data

JMIR Cardio 2021;5(2):e32351

1682 24 6
Consumer Wearable Devices for Activity Monitoring Among Individuals After a Stroke: A Prospective Comparison

JMIR Cardio 2018;2(1):e1

4448 23 20
Digital Health Innovation: A Toolkit to Navigate From Concept to Clinical Testing

JMIR Cardio 2018;2(1):e2

8580 23 19
Assessment of Heart Failure Patients’ Interest in Mobile Health Apps for Self-Care: Survey Study

JMIR Cardio 2019;3(2):e14332

2454 22 20
Measuring Moderate-Intensity Exercise with the Apple Watch: Validation Study

JMIR Cardio 2018;2(1):e6

9586 21 13
Predicting Cardiovascular Risk Using Social Media Data: Performance Evaluation of Machine-Learning Models

JMIR Cardio 2021;5(1):e24473

2015 20 15
Interventions Using Heart Age for Cardiovascular Disease Risk Communication: Systematic Review of Psychological, Behavioral, and Clinical Effects

JMIR Cardio 2021;5(2):e31056

954 20 13
A Virtual Cardiovascular Care Program for Prevention of Heart Failure Readmissions in a Skilled Nursing Facility Population: Retrospective Analysis

JMIR Cardio 2021;5(1):e29101

2131 20 3
Smartphone-Based Remote Monitoring in Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction: Retrospective Cohort Study of Secondary Care Use and Costs

JMIR Cardio 2023;7(1):e45611

741 18 1
Movement as Medicine for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: Pilot Feasibility Study of a Physical Activity Promotion Intervention for At-Risk Patients in Primary Care

JMIR Cardio 2022;6(1):e29035

381 18 0
Achieving Rapid Blood Pressure Control With Digital Therapeutics: Retrospective Cohort and Machine Learning Study

JMIR Cardio 2019;3(1):e13030

10745 18 19
Accuracy and Usability of a Novel Algorithm for Detection of Irregular Pulse Using a Smartwatch Among Older Adults: Observational Study

JMIR Cardio 2019;3(1):e13850

3733 17 26
Initial Outcomes of CardioClick, a Telehealth Program for Preventive Cardiac Care: Observational Study

JMIR Cardio 2021;5(2):e28246

1065 16 8
Quality of Medical Advice Provided Between Members of a Web-Based Message Board for Patients With Implantable Defibrillators: Mixed-Methods Study

JMIR Cardio 2018;2(2):e11358

985 16 3
Evaluating Health Care Provider Perspectives on the Use of Mobile Apps to Support Patients With Heart Failure Management: Qualitative Descriptive Study

JMIR Cardio 2022;6(2):e40546

545 14 6

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